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Purple DIY & Crafts

Purple Crafty Goodness

Showcase Your Purple DIY and Crafty Goodies
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Purple is my favorite color!! Matter of fact it is the ONLY color!! LOL!

I wanted to create a community for crafty people to showcase their purple creations! If you are a DIY'er or crafter who makes crafty stuff and it is any shade of purple, lilac or lavender then join here and show us the pics of your stuff and tell us how you did it.

Pics are welcome but please use judgement when posting large pics. Use a lj-cut tag if you have more than one pic in your post.

I want this to be a showcase for your crafts goodness so no direct selling posts, however links to your journal where you are selling stuff is permitted.

Tutorials and How-to's are welcome!

More to be added later.